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Welcome to the Collapse of Heaven and Earth! This website holds documents about Deus Ex (PC), Final Fantasy III (Snes/PSX), Final Fantasy V (Super Famicom), Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA/iOS/Android), Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA/iOS/Android) and The Last Express (PC/iOS). All documents except for the data docs can also be found on GameFAQs.

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Latest News: Deus Ex Companion Guide updated, FFIII Rage Guide updated.

Deus Ex

The Walkthrough and Companion Guide
(version 1.1)
Deus Ex is more worhty of your attention than perhaps any other game, and I had a blast really dusting this thing off like, I think, no man has done before me. It's another text behemoth, hopefully you'll learn something. More than any other document on this site, I'm always looking for input on this.

Dev Team Design Document
A rehost of the design document of Deus Ex, forever frozen at version 13.12. I'll let the document do the talking.

Final Fantasy V

The Walkthrough and Battle Tactics Guide Advance
(version 1.3)
This is like one of those success stories about something that was started up and then abandoned, but in the end it came through anyway due to sentimental stuff. I promised myself I would not write another walkthrough after the FFVI, and I also promised myself I wouldn't cry when I posted it on the net. I'm not good with promises. Here it is! Feedback is very much appreciated (as always, but now even moreso)!

The HTML Walkthrough and Battle Tactics Guide Advance
I couldn't be prouder! Host site and sugar daddy Caves of Narshe has taken my walkthrough and adapted it for the big screen. It's all fancy with hyperlinks and whatnot. They cut out most of the chapters where I give instructions on how to make napalm by mixing equal parts of gasoline and frozen orange juice concentrate, but they made all the rest so much better to navigate. So say CoNichiwa and take a look!

The Gaia Guide
(version 1.1)
A finger exercise practiced during the creation of the FFVA walkthrough; an etude if you will. Geomancers are completely and utterly ridiculous in each and every facet of their existence, and that is why this is one of my favorite documents ever.
Here's some pictures of the Backgrounds referenced in the document:
00 01 02 03 04 05 06
07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D
0E 0F 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B
1C 1D 1E 1F 20 21

Function Offset list for the FF V C2 bank
Just a little map for the C2 bank, which might prove useful if you want to look into it.

Variable Offset list for FF V
Lists several offsets used to store information by the game, which is a necessity for any aspiring FF V hacker.

The FF V C2 bank
This is where all the in-battle algorithm functions, bit setting and assorted crap takes place. Any kind of battle-related question you might have can be answered with this baby, though you might find it a tad hard to decipher from time to time...

Final Fantasy VI

The Walkthrough and Battle Tactics Guide
(version 2.5)
The Walkthrough and Battle Tactics Guide Advance
(version 2.5)
After years and years of two halves pointing to eachother, modern technology has finally made it possible (for most of us) to view my walkthrough as a single file. The SNES walkthrough combines the 1.7 version of the World of Balance document and the 1.2 version of the World of Ruin document. The GBA walkthrough combines the 1.2 version of the World of Balance document and the 1.0 version of the World of Ruin document.

The Rage Guide
(version 1.5)
The smash hit that propelled me into the mainstream media and brought me my first financial success! The Rage Guide is still a favorite among many and some feel my debut is still my greatest work, which is a depressing fact if you look at it the wrong way. At any rate, the Rage Guide is probably one of the most thorough documentations anybody has ever done on anything, so I'm kinda proud of my firstborn.

The Level # Lore Guide
(version 1.4)
The Level # Lore Guide Advance
(version 1.1)

This Guide includes all monsters susceptible to L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare and L.5 Doom. I have not included L? Pearl as its hit-or-miss nature depends entirely on your amount of GP, which I can't predict. Sonny, if I could, I'd be spending the time I'm writing this intro betting on winning horses, and you'd better believe it.

The Sketch Guide
(version 1.2)
The Sketch Guide Advance
(version 1.1)
See, if Blitz is the popular jock all shallow people love, if SwdTech/Bushido is the bitch without any real qualities who is adored for her looks and if Rage is the scrawny kid with glasses few people like to talk to who'll later make more money than the rest of class '96 combined, Sketch is the poor kid who, besides being lactose-intolerant, suffering from asthma AND having the worst case of acne known to Western science, lacks any kind of charm, quality or potential. Even if you do put on a nose peg - penetrating body odour - and get to talk to him, you'll notice that under all the ugly, you've found a prime example of a generally boring person who sometimes likes to kill caterpillars and sniff his sister's underwear.

That, my friends, is Sketch.

The Collection of Item Images
These are scans of a Japanese data booklet containing black and white images of all the items used in the original game. I thought they were pretty cool, so I uploaded them here and put together a text document explaining what you see.
Here's the scans themselves:
Accessories 1 2 3 4 Armor 1 2 3
Helmets 1 2 Imp Items 1 2 3 Shields
Weapons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The Last Express

The Last Express Walkthrough
(version 1.2)
This is a walkthrough for that most brilliant of games, The Last Express. It's a PC game released back in 1997, but you can still find if you're looking hard enough. A true masterpiece, The Last Express has you figure out who's behind the murder of your friend Tyler Whitney on board of the Orient Express. The first World War is about to start. You're wanted by the police. You're crashing through Europe from Paris to Constantinople. What's not to love?

9: The Last Resort

9: The Last Resort Walkthrough
(version 1.1)

Lost Your Muse?

The Last Resort is an Effective Way to Help You Find Her Again.
Reputable * Discreet * Instructive
Relax in Our Care and Recover Your Inspiration.
Strengthening to the Body and Mind. Fortifying to the Nerves.
Come and See Us.

Me baby, me:

I am a Zen Buddhist crime fighting machine.


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ZED's Unoriginal White Sheet
Though more or less dead for over a year, timeless quality doesn't need to live! Though everything's on GameFAQs too, this place has the quality documents that have been the foundations of knowledge for years and years.

Assassin's Barren Webpage
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Imzogelmo's Not-Even-Penultimate ROM Resource
Fun stuff here, mostly for the data-minded. Some patches and a few disassembled banks of FFIII. I keep coming back here for that zipped Event Dump.

The Cutting Room Floor's Final Fantasy VI Page
I used to have a page called 'The Loser Club' containing a lot of dummied content from FFIII, but I didn't care for it anymore. These guys did a better job anyway.

Ulli's Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website
His name is Ulrich Haarb�rste and he likes to write stories about Roy Orbison being wrapped up in cling-film.

Dinosaurs! WTF?
The Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement is a politically conservative right wing movement advocating awareness, preparedness, planning and prevention of the fairly likely possibility that dinosaurs will somehow reemerge from extinction and wage Darwinian war against humanity.

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